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We are Coal Loading
Facility Contractor


Products & Services

We Provides Many Services For You.

Professional EPC and Material Handling 

AKM Group manufactures bulk material handling equipments and also offers installation, commisioning, repair, and maintenance training by specialists.

Drilling Contractor Services

We provides complete services for drilling needs from operators to contractors that usually need logistic, supply chain, and software training.

Safety Equipment and Drilling Tools

Expert in Drilling, we also provides high quality and international standard of safety equipment and tools.

Machining Processes

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About Us

The AKM group first entered the mining industry as a mine owning company in 2008 that provides mining contracting services.
In 2015, it expanded beyond mining services into infrastructure and structural
steel fabrication. 
Today, AKM group provides a range of services in the mining industry,
including mining contracting, coal terminal operating, civil contracting, and fabrication.

AKM group's professional management has been entrusted with multiple projects
and has become a leading contractor by using a combination of
a strategic vision that focuses on customer needs and efficiency.

Since 2002, AKM Group has been involved in the supply of bulk material handling for coal mining equipment.
AKM Group supplies various bulk material handling equipments
such as Coal Crushing Plant, Barge Loading Facility, and Stockpile Facility.
The company also provides BOOT Project (Build-Owned-Operate-Transfer)

Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR has a very major role in the company’s belief in sustainability (people, planet and profit) reflected in all of the activities that AKM is currently operating. AKM CSR initiatives and programs focus on 4 main aspects that convey the company’s commitment to the principle of sustainability.

The main concern of AKM is to help and support the society that is being exposed to various types of smaller scale business enterprises that are best suited for the surrounding communities creating opportunities for them to grow.

Also. collaborating with government entities with the same visions to reflect the company’s efforts in creating healthier, smart, and advanced communities.
Not only that, but AKM also collaborates with non-profit organizations to ensure a portion from our profit to be delivered to those in need.
At the same time, AKM’s main concern is the education of underprivileged children which is fundamental for the well being of generations to come.

About our company's


It has become AKM’s principle that AKM will always stay true and reliable in becoming a responsible company by continuously evaluating all the company’s activities to be as environmentally conscious as possible. The achievements of AKM’s environmental efforts are the result of the high level of com- pliance and also a reflection of its commit- ment to preserve the surrounding ecosystem for the future.

Projects & Portfolio

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